lunes, octubre 04, 2010

Sharing My English. Watch Out N°2.

Today I will share with you some of the seccions that I already mentioned in my previous post I want to share my English with you.

The first "Watch Out" will be about the word "Unique."

Unique is an absolute term and does not have a comparative or superlative form. So you can't say "more unique" or "the most unique". Other words like this are perfect and impossible.

This word is sometimes confusing, and I have made mistakes several times.
I used to say for example:
The unique thing I know is that...

In Spanish we can perfectly say: "Lo unica cosa que yo sé es" o "Lo único que sé es que.." but the correct way in English is using "only" so, be carefully with that.

The correct way to express it would be:

"The only thing I know is that.." or "No, that I know..."
It sounds and seems easy, but many people confuse it.
I hope it can be useful.

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