martes, mayo 04, 2010

My strange experience "Pre Int"

Days before going to Spain in 2007, I remember having a special day. I had left the hairdresser and was on my way to the parking lot, suddenly i saw a credit card on the ground just in front of my car. My first reaction was to think "oh it is my credit card", when picked it up i saw that it was not mine, but when i read the name I knew who the owner was. We has a friend in commun. I found her telephone number and called her to come back to get the credit card.
Two years later when I had recently arrived home from Spain, I was with a friend at home and my mother who was throwing the garbage out entered the house and showed me some personal documents. My friend and me checked on the internet and called to get the documents. When I spoke with the person about where and how we were going to meet. She asked me my address and when I answered she said "Beatriz Mena?" and I replied her very nervous yes I am, who is this?. She was the same girl who had lost her credit card and the personal documents were from her Boss.

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