miércoles, agosto 25, 2010

Holidays in Seville

Seville is a wonderful city located in the south of historic Spain. I lived in Spain for 2 years and before I went back to Venezuela, I had heard lots of recommendations about "Seville Spring Fair", so when my mother went to Spain to visit me and see other places; we decided to go to Andalucía.
This event, is an international annual celebration where everybody usually wears the typical flamenco dress, which is famous world wide. The opening is a big party called "La cena del pescaito y alumbrao (it means "The dinner of the little fish and the lighting"). The thing was Sevilla looked unbelievable, really amazing, people is very friendly there.

Although we had visited Sevilla before, we knew that we must watch a bullfighter, so we did. Before that we went to the store to buy some souveners and then went to a restaurant to eat something, but when we were leaving the restaurant, we had a surprise.
There were two guys in the middle of the little road between the bull ring and the restaurant. They looked very nervouses, even more than us.
They asked in a very impolite way for our documents, as though we had done something wrong. My mother was very confused because that is supposed to happen in my country, but not in Spain.

Before we gave them the documents, we asked for their identification. They said they were officers and that we were in big trouble with the law. We got panicked.The law? What had we done?, What was wrong?.

Nowadays, I still don't have any idea what happened, but maybe if we had chosen anotheer city, we would not lived through this frightening experience.

Here you a evidence (which was just a moment before of The Big Moment), look at the souvenirs Geez hehe)

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