jueves, agosto 05, 2010

Studying abroad: More than an experience

People are traveling around the world all the time, looking for good experiences for many different reasons. Some people look for studies, others for internship programs and get knowledge about finding work in this market. Other people come here just to spend time having fun. However, your purpose won't be fulfilled nor your expectations met until you live it.
Studying abroad gives you an experience beyond what you really can imagine. I'm now in Toronto; I came here to learn English, and honestly, I've been living in three different countries for the last three years, with people who don't have my same manner and by now I expected this experience would be enough. But the truth is "it is never enough". I mean, each time, I had to admit more and more that what I knew wasn't always enough. In other words, you never finish learning new things. That situation made me think, that being here and learning day to day things, things that I've never tried before, makes me appreciate more the value of things.
The best part of this experience from my point of view is meeting new people every day, and knowing new cultures from many places and their ways of life. It shows you that you're not the only people in this world. All of these things also make you open your mind, gaining a bigger knowledge of everything. That's something that I'm passionate about because it helps me a lot with my area, in fact, to learn and to understand how to fix problems, and how you're going to provide the solution that you clients need. You definetely must know a lot about your market.
Finally, what I recommend to everybody to do is this: try to make the maximum use of your time when you are here. And if you still have not had the opportunity yet, but you really would like to try, go for it because it's really an experience that will be very satisfactory and that will help you in many positive ways, if you so desire.

I hope you like it.

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