jueves, septiembre 30, 2010

17 Tips if you're away on business

I have been traveling the last 3 years between 3 different countries, and I realized how much I love doing it. I discovered that I can adapt quickly to another enviroment and that I enjoy learning about different countries and cultures. But how about... "Traveling for business to another country?"
Here are some tips and information you should know about manners and etiquette.

1.JAPAN: When someone offers you their business card, it is considered impolite to turn it over and write the date of your first meeting with them on the other side.
2.THE UNITED STATES: Subordinates will usually call their bosses by their first names: John, Diane, Caroline.
3.SAUDI ARABIA: Do not get scared if you see that they stand too close to people when they are speaking to you. A distance is not a big deal for them. They consider it normal.
4.ITALY: If you have lunch with a client, you can talk about business, but there are people who say and believe the conversation should be about sports, the art, food, current affairs, and mutual acquaintances rather than work.
5.GREECE: A business lunch will tend to be a fairly long affair- in some cases, hours and conversation is not focused exclusively on business .
6.SPAIN: No matter how crowded a restaurant or club may be, you should never try to share a table with someone you do not know.
7.HUNGARY: When traveling alone by taxi it is normal to sit in front with the driver rather than in the back.
8.JAPAN: If you are the first to enter the elevator you should never stand at the back to the left. This side is usually reserved for the important people or the boss of the company.
9.BRITAIN: It is rare to have a breakfast meeting.
10.GERMANY: It is uncommon for co-workers to go together after work for a drink.
11.SWITZERLAND: In meetings the agenda is regarded as a rough guide. If other points come up suddenly you should mention it.
12.SCANDINAVIA: People do not mind to work overtime and are willing to take work home with them.
13.FRANCE: If you are invited to dinner it is not considered normal to bring a bottle of wine as a gift. They love to match the food with the proper wine, so you do not need to try to be so nice, because it can be missinterpretated.
14.RUSSIA: Many people are still suspicious of private enterprise and see businessmen as legalized criminals. Because of the insecurity they don’t use fear at all.
15.CANADA: Many people do not think they are like Americans. Canadians hate to think of their country as a part of the United States. They are North Americans, which means they are from States like they call them.
16.SOUTH KOREA: They are considered a laboral enviroment, so they give any document or sheet to co-workers, boss and clients with both hands. The opposite could be seen as impolite.
17.TAIWAN: If you are planing to go out, take into mind that you always go to serve your superior.

How about you? Would you like to share some of your etiquette, rules, tips, whatever, with me?
Just leave it and I’ll add it to the post!! =D


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